Photograph: Eric McNatt

Photograph: Eric McNatt

Mon, Ma, Mes

Choreography and Text: Jack Ferver
Performers: Jack Ferver and selected guests

Jack Ferver’s solo examines the permeability between the real and the fictive, utilizing performative constructs to deconstruct where, how, and why we make personas for ourselves. Originally created in 2012 for FIAF’s Crossing the Line Festival (hence “Revisité”), this stylized lecture-performance has been built to grow, adapt, and change alongside Ferver’s concerns and larger creations, creating a humorous and disarming retrospective of his life and work. Through sudden shifts in style and form, blurred boundaries emerge between the realms of grand theatrics and stark naturalism, the persona and the self.

Ferver’s performances are so extreme that they sometimes have the look and feel of exorcisms.
— The New Yorker
Performance art delivered with aplomb.
— Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times

Photograph: Scott Shaw



2017  Temperance Hall. Phillip Adams Balletlab. Melbourne, Australia.

2016  Chicago Cultural Center. OnEdge. Chicago, Illinois.

2016  Mon, Ma, Mes (Revisité). Gibney Dance. 

2014  Portland Institute of Contemporary Art. TBA Festival. Portland, Oregon.

2013  French Institute Alliance Française/Abrons Arts Center. American Realness. New York, New York.

2012  *French Institute Alliance Française. Crossing the Line. New York, New York.



Mon, Ma, Mes was commissioned by the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) and first presented at FIAF’s Crossing the Line Festival in October 2012. It returned to FIAF and American Realness at Abrons Art Center in January 2013.