Photo: Jason Akira Somma

Photo: Jason Akira Somma


Everything Is Imaginable

Choreography and Text: Jack Ferver
Performers: Reid Bartelme, Jack Ferver, Lloyd Knight, Garen Scribner, James Whiteside
Costumes: Reid and Harriet Design
Scenic and Sound Design: Jeremy Jacob



Jack Ferver’s interdisciplinary performance work, Everything Is Imaginable, juxtaposes the lives, virtuosity and fantasies of its five queer performers. In turns manic and poetic, addressing ideas of genre, sexuality, success, friendship, and loss. Ferver is joined by American Ballet Theater principal James Whiteside, principal dancer with Martha Graham Lloyd Knight, dancer and costume designer Reid Bartelme, and Broadway actor Garen Scribner.


Photos by Michael Sharkey



2019 New York Live Arts. New York, New York.

2018  *New York Live Arts. New York, New York.


*World Premiere

Everything Is Imaginable was commissioned by New York Live Arts and received a Dance In Process and Production Residency from Gibney Dance.