I Am Trying To Hear Myself / Vandam Goodbar

Choreography and Text: Jack Ferver
Performers: Reid Bartelme, Jack Ferver, Tony Orrico, and Chad Tolson
Costumes: Jack Ferver
Music: Jason Akira Somma

Composed of accelerated dancing, singing and screaming, harsh repetition, and even some blood, Ferver presents an evening of desire and humiliation, combining two of his most hilarious and erotic works. I Am Trying To Hear Myself is a tense meditation on the elusive quality of romance and the disappointment of viewing one’s current life through the idealization of one’s past. Vandam Goodbar focuses on the humorous, disturbing, and violent experiences that occur during a turbulent search for a connection.  

Restless, visceral, and often painful… sympathetic as it is bitingly corrosive.
— Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times


2009   Andrew Edlin Gallery. Performance Space 122. New York, New York.

2008  *The New Museum. New York, New York.



I Am Trying To Hear Myself was originally commissioned in 2008 from The New Museum as part of The New Museum Presents, curated by Travis Chamberlain. In 2009 it was paired with Vandam Goodbar at PS 122.